The Belgian manufacturer remains loyal to the concept of lifting potatoes ahead of the tracks, and there is no change to the 17.5cu.m. bunker, but the 2016 version of the Dewulf’s four-row self-propelled Kwatro potato harvester has undergone a number of significant updates. This includes a new Claas cab and the harvester is now powered by a 500hp Scania DC13 (Stage IV) engine. Running speed is limited to 1,550rpm on the road and the normal operating range lies between 1,250rpm and 1,750rpm. Other updates in the second generation machine include the integrated haulm chopper, which is now fitted with an improved flail distribution to increase the suction force. Inside the harvester, the total sieving area has been increased by 11%, and the final sieving conveyor is equipped with an eccentric agitator. This synchronises the speed of the sieving conveyors with the forward speed of the harvester. It is now possible to fit the Kwatro with an optional extra-wide rear wheel (Mitas 1250/50R32), and the steering angle has been increased to 60 degrees. In addition to the harvesting of potatoes, the Kwatro can also be used for a variety of other vegetable crops including industrial carrots, chicory, onions and celeriac.