Dewulf updates R3060 harvester

The Stage V engine is not the only update in the latest R3060 self-propelled two-row harvester, which also comes with new HD monitors and cameras.

by Steven Vale

9 Oct 2020

Power comes from a 350hp or 400hp Stage V Scania SCR engine (AdBlue), and the Belgian manufacturer reckons the additional grille in the bodywork of the engine department results in better engine heat dissipation and should further increase the service life and performance.

One of the latest RA3060s in action in the UK

Wide-angle lenses on the camera at the rear of the harvester and the one on top of the bunker discharge elevator are said to provide the operator with good visibility on the new HD (high-definition) monitors when reversing and with more complete and sharper images when unloading.

The R3060 continues to be available in seven different variations from the RA3060 (picture) with three sieving webs, haulm roller, upper and lower hedgehog belts and cleaning module, to the RCE3060 (two sieving webs, haulm roller, Easy-Clean and optional Easy-Clean above).