Different way to cover the clamp

Initially launched last autumn for maize silage, Kelvin Cave’s Silage Safe is now also available for covering grass silage clamps.

by Steven Vale

25 Mar 2021

The system does away with one of the most unpopular jobs at silage time; covering the clamp with tyres, gravel bags or other weights. Instead, the silage is sealed by a series of straps (potentially two-person operation) which are tightly ratcheted into place.

The straps can also be tightened as the clamp is emptied, which says the company, helps prevent air pockets from forming as the silage settles.

A further benefit of the system is its application and removal in 2.0m sections, which can be stored for use the following year. The company reckons this is just as useful at the time of feed-out as it is at covering, speeding up the process and avoiding the need to move weights.