Dutch firm Gruva was showing its new front dual wheel design that is said to put less strain on the front axle when carrying heavy loads.

Sales manager, Toni Dierings points out that on tractors with a castor angle for the steered front wheels can cause extra pressure on the dual wheels so Gruva has developed a system that allows the dual wheels to turn freely. This still allows the extra tyres to help support the weight but can then spin freely reducing the pressure on the axle and load on the tyre.

The firm is looking at developing a locking system so the inner and outer wheels can be fixed when handling a lighter load or where the operator wants extra traction.

Another new feature from Gruva is the two position track width thanks to the offset in the dish. For instance, on the display unit the track width could be adjusted from 1.50 to 2.25m by swapping the left and right wheels to match a 75cm or 50cm row spacing. Other track widths are also available.

The tractor on show was also fitted with a tyre pressure control system for the dual wheels.

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