The prototype of the Dutch-made Multi Tool Trac (MTT) enjoyed a great deal of attention when it broke cover a couple of years back. Ever since the partners in the ambitious diesel-electric project have continued to develop the concept, and field tests with a second prototype are currently underway at a secret location in the Netherlands. Made by Dutch-firm Boessenkool, one of the numerous partners in the project, the vehicle is designed to work as a 3m machine in Controlled Traffic Farming systems. One of the big features of the nearly 10-tonne vehicle is that in addition to fitting PTO-powered kit to the front and rear, the 5.5m wheelbase provides plenty of space to mid-mount an implement, which for a current field tests is supplied by Dutch-firm Evers.

The Claas cab slides 2.25m back and forth across the main frame, providing the operator with a good view of the proceedings. The electric generator, which is fitted behind the 6cyl 210hp (160kW) Steyr diesel engine, supplies a minimum of 22kW of electricity to each wheel motor, and a maximum of 44kW.

Fitted with Mitas 380/90 R50 tyres front and rear, hydraulic track width adjustment quickly pushes the wheels out from 2.25m to 3.25m, and the standard spec includes 4wd/4ws. With a top speed of 40km/hr, the vehicle has a rated payload of 5 tonnes. The plan is to have the first batch of Multi Tool Tracs on sale by 2019. Exact prices have yet to be determined but as a rough guide are expected to be in the region of €250,000-€300,000.