Easy bale collection with Fliegl Picker

Fliegl will launch the Picker, a self-loading round bale trailer at Agritechnica next month.

by Steven Vale

7 Oct 2019

Suitable for silage and straw bales, the pivoting drawbar ensures that the wheels run in a separate track to those of the tractor, and the German company says that mounting the pick-up in the direction of travel of the baler prevents unnecessary in-field travelling.

Picked up on the move, bales are loaded using an L-shaped swivel arm, the width of which can be altered to suit bale diameters from 1.2m to 1.8m.

A full-width rubber belt moves bales to the rear of the trailer and when eight have been loaded, the swivel arm closes the pick-up unit to secure the load. The same belt moves bales to the rear of the trailer where they are loaded onto a roller-frame and lowered to the ground.