Easy in-cab operation of Amazone spreaders

Amazone’s EasySet 2 in-cab operating terminal provides entry-level ZA-V fertiliser spreader users with push button control of the electric shutters.

by Steven Vale

30 Jan 2020

Available as an alternative to the more common hydraulic shutter actuation, the shutter slides can be opened and closed electrically on one or both sides. The company says there are no complicated menus to navigate because each button on the new terminal has just a single function.

Allowing the desired application rate to be changed during spreading, Amazone says that this eliminates the need to leave the cab to manually adjust the setting scale on the back of the spreader.

The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal provides push button electric shutter operation on the entry-level ZA-V fertiliser spreaders.

In combination with a speed signal, the new operating terminal automatically adjusts the size of the outlet opening in relation to forward speed to maintain the desired application rate.

EasySet 2, which comes with an integrated hectare meter, also provides push button activation of the Limiter V+ electric border spreading device. No hydraulic connections are required for the new terminal, just a 12v power connection.