EIMA 18: Hybrid driver assist system for the Rex

The latest Landini Rex 4 Series features a hybrid driver assist option to help the operator when manoeuvring both in the field and on the road.

by Steven Vale

9 Nov 2018

Called ADS (Advanced Driving System), driving comfort is enhanced by the steering becoming stiffer while increasing speed – a technology used in cars – and by fast centred wheels return. ADS also offers connection to satellite guidance, memorisation and control of wheel positions during slope and in-furrow operation, fleet management and telematics.

Other options for the Deutz-powered Rex 4 (70-112hp) include a suspended front axle and the new range can be finished with the same optional metallic blue paint as the Landini 6 and 7 Series tractors.

Available in the cabbed F versions (six models), GT and V versions (five models), the new range, and ADS, will be at LAMMA with the first deliveries expected end of Q1, 2019.