Previewed at Agritechnica 2019, EAutoPowr, an electric CVT with electro-mechanical power split, is now available as an option on all three versions of the flagship; the 8R410, 8RT410 and 8RX410.

Described as a significant step in John Deere’s journey towards electrification and a durable solution above 400hp, the new transmission won an innovation award gold medal at the German show in 2019.

The new box sees hydraulic components ditched for an electric power path. The two brushless electric motors are said to be virtually wear-free. Claimed benefits include improved gearbox efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, quieter in-cab sound levels, and the driver also benefits from the fine speed control and improved acceleration. Since speeds of up to 5.0km/hr are driven purely electrically, the change of direction of travel is said to be faster and smoother.

With the help of the E-Drive, the electric drive is activated to prevent any wheel slip from occurring. The slip limit can be set by the driver. This allows the system to support the tractor permanently or only in certain situations, for example, when going uphill.

The electric drive is dimensioned in such a way that it also provides up to 100kW of external electrical power via an E-port (480v variable-frequency three-phase AC) for implements. Developed with Joskin, the first application to demonstrate how this power can be used was on show at Agritechnica 2019 in the form of a slurry tanker with two electrically-powered axles.

Claimed benefits of the electro-mechanical EAutoPowr transmission and intelligent e8wd system include increased traction and reduced wheel slip.

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