Electric sprayer at Italian show

Italian manufacturer Nobili has developed what is believed to be the first 100% electrically operated vineyard and orchard sprayer. Called the E-Sprayer, it will be on display at next week’s Italian EIMA show.

by Steven Vale

12 Oct 2021

There is no PTO shaft, oil or gearbox. Instead, the sprayer is powered using 700v (DC) current supplied from the CNHi developed E-Source generator mounted on a New Holland T4.110V.

Fitted with a 1,000-litre tank, the ISObus controlled sprayer is equipped with two electric motors, one for the pump and one for a patented fan arrangement. It is possible to change fan speed and adjust the air flow from the cab.

Nobili will also show a second electrically-powered fruit machine; the E-Mulcher. Capable of shredding different types and volumes of vegetation, the electric motor ensures the rotor rotation speed remain constant in changing conditions.

The lack of a mechanical driveline on both the E-Sprayer and E-Mulcher not only allows the tractor to make much tighter headland turns, but also helps to reduce fuel consumption. Field tests with the E-Sprayer point to savings of up to 34%/ha and up to 31%/ha with the E-Mulcher.

The two electric implements are currently in tests in various conditions and crops in northern Italy. Around 1,350 exhibitors will participate in the 44th edition of EIMA. The show runs from October 19 to 23.