Electric vehicle project nears completion

Devon-based EMotive has launched a £180,000 Crowdcube campaign to take its prototype zero-emission electric tool carrier to the pre-production stage ready for demonstration and production under licence.

by Steven Vale

17 Jan 2022

Known as the Scarab, the vehicle can be fitted with both front and rear linkage/pto and the platform can carry a 4.0t-6.0t payload. Described as an eco-alternative to the Mercedes Benz Unimog for a range of applications including forestry and farming, the it is built around a bespoke commercial chassis. The electric architecture of the powertrain includes advanced torque control, smart power distribution, telematics and the possibility for autonomous control.

All wheels are powered electrically and the vehicle can be configured to two, four or six wheel-drive. A wide range of different powers will be available, but peak output of the base vehicle is 668kW (895hp). Electricity is supplied from a battery pack. The details have not yet been released, but we suspect the options list will include a hydrogen powered fuel cell as a range extender and to recharge the batteries.

The company has already invested nearly £2.0m in developing and prototyping the physical vehicle form (weighs 10.0t-12.0t and powertrain. The pre-production model is expected to be ready and in the field for testing in the next couple of months.

It is envisaged that commercial partners will use the technology to produce their own branded e-vehicles under licence. Interest has already been received from potential manufacturers in Iceland and the Middle East. Demonstrations to these and end customers will take place in Q2 and Q3 2022, and the projected date for the start of volume manufacturing is sometime Q2 2023.

Crowdcube investors will receive shares and will be able to drive the vehicle on a Land Rover Experience course to see it being put through its paces. They’ll also have the chance to see the latest technical developments, which will be unveiled at the EMotive R&D facility in Cullompton.