Electrically-powered Land Rover

A ‘drop in’ kit is now available to convert Land Rover Defenders to fully-electric power. In development and tested over the past 18 months, as well as being quiet and nippy, it is said to improve off-road and towing performance. Electrogenic, the maker of the system, reckons the cost can be recouped after just four years.

by Steven Vale

22 Jun 2022

The conversion is said to be simple, with a low-voltage electric motor replacing the diesel engine. Bolted to the Defender’s existing clutch bell housing (the vehicle keeps all its gears). The 120hp and 235Nm of torque the electric powertrain develops is said to be comparable to the original diesel engine.

Electric vacuum pump, power steering and heating are added, together with LED lighting.  The 53kWh battery pack simply lifts into the engine bay in the form of two 135kg boxes that plug together.

Said to be good for 200,000+ miles, a full charge provides around 100 miles of on-road range; more when driving off-road or around a farm. The kit comes standard equipped for 7.5kW AC overnight charging (faster charging optional).

Tested alongside its diesel-powered counterparts, it is estimated that the electrified Defender will save at least £6,000 in fuel costs over the course of an average year of on-farm use. Claimed to give Defenders an affordable new lease of life, the conversion’s target price is around £24,000 (excludes VAT). The electric powertrain is designed to be maintenance-free.

“Defenders fitted with our easy to install kits do everything required of them on the farm quietly and efficiently,” comments Steve Drummond, Electrogenic co-founder. “They are always there ready for use – just unplug and drive away; no more factoring in trips to the petrol station, and instant heat on cold frosty mornings.”