Electro-mechanical CVT for John Deere 8R

The latest versions of the John Deere 8R have not yet officially been launched, but the electro-mechanical eAutoPowr transmission and intelligent e8wd system have won the only gold medal at this year’s Agritechnica.

by Steven Vale

20 Sep 2019

Heralded as the first electro-mechanical IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission), the full details will probably not be released until nearer the show, but we understand that the new gearbox sees the hydraulic motors swapped for electric ones and that the integrated generator delivers up to 100kW of electricity for external use.

John Deere has partnered with Joskin to demonstrate how this power can be used, and at Agritechnica the Belgian company, which calls the system E-Drive, will show a modified triple-axle slurry tanker, where the two rear axles are electrically-powered.

Claimed benefits of the 8wd concept with a slurry tanker include a significant increase in traction and less wheel slip, and on the tractor side, the electric solution is said to result in improved gearbox efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.