Elho Cobra packs a venomous punch

Finnish firm Elho is always good for some off-the-wall thinking, and it didn’t disappoint at this year’s Agritechnica.

by Mervyn Bailey

27 Nov 2019

Claimed as a new concept in forage harvesting, the Cobra 7710T (trailed) is suitable for tractors up to 400hp, and the pto runs directly to the chopping cylinder to minimise power losses.

The 770mm diameter, 1.0m wide drum is said to be engineered to get the ideal knife tip speed. The feed rollers – two top and three bottom – are all hydraulically powered, with the machine demanding at least 160l/min from a load-sensing system.

Rather than use a conventional pick-up, Elho employs a variation of its crop conditioner with short tines, so there are no bands to remove. The company points out that the tines separate any lumps in the swath before they are passed to the double augers running at 680rpm.

Two augers mean a wider crop mat is delivered to the feed rollers. Knock sensors in the hood of the pick-up are used to detect any stones or metal meaning there is more time to stop the unit. The 3.0m pick up folds vertically for transport.

The company confirms that there was massive global interest for the Cobra at the German show, but the limited number of machines planned for 2020 will only be available in Scandinavia. General release is planned for 2021.

The Cobra is one of 41 new Agritechnica products featured across our 9 ½ page show review in the December issue of the magazine. More Agritechnica novelties are also published in the news section on www.profi.co.uk