Elho has drafted a new pick-up to its Cobra trailed forager for the coming season which is said to require less power and provide a more balanced crop flow. The initial machine used a tine conditioner/wuffler type rotor to pass the forage onto an auger and then on to the feed rollers.

The new version has a camless pick-up but with plastic bands. The crop is then conveyed to the intake by a 1.0m deep belt, this is the same width as the feed rollers and the chopping drum. The latter is driven directly by the tractor pto – there is no gearbox to introduce any power losses.

The 3.0m wide pick-up and belt are both driven hydraulically by the forager’s own load-sensing pump. The pick-up also benefits from its own hydro-pneumatic suspension with three steel rollers underneath to help support the weight.

One other change to the Cobra, is that it now sports an ISObus control system.

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