Engine update for the Hoftrac

The Stage V engine is not the only update to the Weidemann Hoftrac 1380, which has also been given it a facelift and a new model number.

by Steven Vale

30 Mar 2021

Renamed as the Hoftrac 1390, main features include the availability of a trio of Yanmar engines; 25hp, 45hp and 54.5hp. The two larger blocks are equipped with DPF and DOC. The entry-level 25hp engine meets Stage V without any exhaust emission treatment.

The engine is mated to the newly-developed electronically regulated ecDrive (Electronic Controlled Drive) transmission, which provides four different operating modes (includes automatic and eco).

The electric handbrake has an auto-hill-hold function. Available with a cab or foldable guard, the 1390’s redesigned controls include a new multifunctional joystick.

Rear operator visibility has been improved and there is an improved heating and ventilation system. LED headlights are standard. Air-conditioning is optional.