Dutch manufacturer Evers has added new working widths of 7.8 and 8.4m to the Toric XL disc cultivator injector range and updated the existing models.

When the Toric XL range was introduced in July 2022, it was offered in widths of 9.0 (72 discs) and 12m (96 discs). Called the Toric XL 72-900 (72 discs) and 96-1200 (96 discs), the company has updated these wider versions with some of the spec from the two new models.

Slurry is still injected into behind the first row of discs and incorporated by the second. However, the larger 51cm diameter of the serrated discs (was 41.5cm), allows for deeper working depths of 12cm.

With maintenance-free bearings, the new mounting configuration, which sees discs fitted with double arms connected at the top, is said to provide more space between the discs for clog-free operation.

Other notable updates include fitting the discs symmetrically to the frame. This is said to allow the unit to pull straighter behind a trailed slurry tank or self-propelled machine for easier working with GPS.

Also, the previous electronic folding controls have been swapped for a more reliable mechanical system, and a pneumatic seeder for cover crops is new on the options list. Transport width of all machines is 3.0m.

XL version of Evers slurry injector – Profi

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