Succeeding the Avero and smaller Tucano models, the three new five-walker Evion models round out the lower end of the company’s combine harvester range below the Trion.

Described as a perfect fit for family farms and farms with smaller fields, the Evion was developed in Harsewinkel. Produced at the Claas combine harvester plant in Gaomi (China), the technology of the newcomers is based on a modular system which is used to build almost 40 versions of the Lexion and Trion.

For example, the Evion can be used with Trion and Lexion cutterbars up to 6.80m, the drive system is based partly on components from the Trion and Lexion, and the 6.7-litre Cummins Stage V common-rail block is the same as that used in the Trion. With a rated output of 204hp (Evion 410), 231hp (Evion 430) and 258hp (Evion 450) at 1,900rpm, the engine is mated to a manually shifted three-speed hydrostatic box (top speed 30km/hr).

“The Evion is a very important product for Claas,” explains company CEO Jan-Hendrik Mohr. “With these new combine harvesters we are able to offer modern, yet affordable machines for smaller-scale farms which want their own grain harvesting equipment. We’re a family business ourselves and we want to continue to offer the right machines for smaller farms across all our product segments.”

The single-drum tangential threshing unit with a 600mm threshing drum and a synchronised impeller are combined with five 4.40m-long straw walkers and a 1.42m-wide feeder housing. The threshing concave area is 0.95m2 and the straw walkers provide 6.25m2 of separation area. The redesigned centre risers of the straw walkers loosens the crop mat to enable a faster transfer to the next straw walker racks.

Concave clearance adjusted hydraulically from the cab. The integrated overload protection system prevents blockages from occurring in the threshing unit. Operators are also assisted by the sensor-based monitoring of the crop flow on the straw walkers. As soon as a blockage begins to develop, the operator receives early warning both in the form of an audible alarm and as a visual alert on the Cemis 700 display.

The sieve design comes from the Lexion and Trion. In addition to electric sieve adjustment, the standard equipment for all Evion models includes a loss measurement system. Grain tank capacity is 5,600l (410) and 6,500l (430) and 8,000l (450), and the 330mm diameter unloading auger empties the grain tank at a rate of 90l/sec.

An optional 72-knife straw chopper is available as an alternative to the standard 52-knife version. Both shear bar and friction bar can be adjusted without tools while the switchover from chopping to swathing is performed at the right-hand side of the straw discharge hood. The straw guide plates are adjusted manually to the working width so that uniform distribution is ensured even when operating with a cutterbar width of 6.80m. Chaff and short straw are distributed across the working width by optional, hydraulically driven chaff spreaders.

In addition to the Cemis 700 touchscreen terminal, the cab contains an armrest with the CMotion multifunction lever, automatic climate control and a camera. There are numerous storage options as well as one USB port and two USB-C ports which can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Footrests on the steering column are available as an option – as is a 30-litre cool box under the instructor’s seat. Other optional items include an air-suspended seat, electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors and a second camera.

Evion models are equipped as standard with a LED lighting package, but the options list provides for a total of up to 17 LED work lights, extending to interior lighting for the grain tank and maintenance lighting under the side panels.

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