French sprayer maker Evrard appears to have shattered the one-hour world spraying record by covering 136.82ha in just 60 minutes. Beating the previous record set by a self-propelled Matrot Maestria in 2006 by 14ha., the successful event, which took place to the east of Paris near the village of Corbeil, saw a Meteor 5400 trailed sprayer (44m boom) coupled to a Claas Axion 900. Organised by Primault, the Evrard dealer in the Champagne region, the dealer wanted to prove that a trailed sprayer can be equally as fast if not faster than a self-propelled version. The dealer appears to have proved a point. Travelling at an average speed of 33km/hr with a target dose of 35lit/ha., the combination took just 26 seconds to spray a hectare, and covered 2.28ha/minute. By Steven Vale