Amazone Group turnover increased 22% to a record €655m last year, exceeding the previous highest figure of €537m in 2020.

Exports accounted for more than 80% of last year’s record results. The company reports sharp increases in the key export markets of Germany, France, Poland and Russia.

Farm machinery sales were also up in Austria, Ireland, Ukraine and the Baltic States and the ongoing development of the company’s in-house sales organisation led to positive effects in the US and Canada, and fertiliser spreader, sprayer and drill sales increased in the UK.

Amazone says it is difficult to forecast what could happen on the business front for the rest of this year. The difficult situation with supply has led to bottlenecks and delays in production, at a time when the order intake is at a high level. The company adds it is too early to access the consequences to the business from the on-going conflict in Ukraine, but that it is of great relevance.

The number of Amazone employees worldwide increased to around 2,000 last year.