Sales of tractors and agricultural machinery in all major European markets and for almost all product groups has fallen across the board this year. However, CEMA – the European association of agricultural machinery manufacturers – expects the market to stabilise in 2016. It looks like the bottom of the cycle has been reached. Major European markets such as Germany, France and the UK are estimated to decline by 10%, 11% and 15% respectively by the end of this year. A 4% reduction is expected in Italy, while the Spanish market is up by nearly 6%. For the UK and Italy the expectation is that demand will stabilise in 2016, whereas France and Germany will probably decline slightly. Spain is expected to be the positive exception with a small increase forecast for 2016. According to CEMA, with the exception of forage harvesters (+2.8% – mainly in France and Spain), the European market for all other types of farm machinery is down this year. Take tractors, for example. With the exception of Spain, the numbers are down in all other markets, and the 2015 European tractor market is expected to decrease by 7.1%. The demand is expected to remain at similar levels during 2016. The market for combine harvesters shows mixed results with lower volumes in the UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands, and some positive signals received from Italy and Germany. Overall, the European market is forecast to decrease by around 5% this year, but is expected to stabilise during 2016. A significant decline has been seen in almost all European mower markets this year, with sales down by almost 10%. The only exceptions are Spain and Turkey where the demand has stabilised. In 2016 the overall market will be similar in Europe. Large decreases have been recorded for sales of new balers in countries such as the UK and France, and the total European market is expected to drop by 8.7% this year. In most countries a relatively small decrease in demand is expected for 2016. A 6% decline is forecast for sales of new sprayers this year, with the numbers down in Germany, the UK and Belgium. Relatively high growth is seen in the Spanish and Dutch markets. Sprayers are the only product group for which an increase in demand is expected in most countries for 2016.