Fastrac becomes Iconic

In a bid to catch up to the pack, JCB has gone back to the drawing board for its Fastrac control system. Taking four years to develop, the firm’s new Icon models replace the dated armrest and small screen, featuring a complete new armrest, 12” touch screen display and new driving modes to offer a better driving experience. 

by Richard Bradley

29 Apr 2022

Controls include a new more ergonomic joystick with customisable hot keys, assignable spool valves and an optional secondary joystick to control tractor, loader or ISObus functions. 

Armrest mounted display is well laid out and easy to navigate. Along with ISObus compatibly, it also runs the firms integrated GPS steering system with standard figment being a Novatel receiver. Factory fitment also includes a universal loom to run other brands of GPS via a bridge connector. 

Control setup allows you to seamlessly switch between stick, pedal or cruise driving modes simply by touching either control. 

Away from the new control setup, both the 4000 and 8000 series Fastrac tractors remain much the same, albeit with some subtle changes to grand handles and better placed internal door latches.