The yellow paintwork on this 220hp JCB Fastrac 4220 has been replaced for Schlüter red and grey. Spotted by our German colleagues, the extensively repainted tractor is the result of work by Agravis Technik Center in Meppen, Germany. The JCB Eurotrac, as it is known, is being auctioned.

The starting bid of €89,900 for the 2019 (1,011-hours) tractor has already increased to 93,900. The auction ends on February 27.

The profi photographer managed to capture the JCB tractor alongside a Eurotrac 1300 (130hp). The smallest tractor in the range, this particular model was the original Schlüter prototype. Produced at the Freising tractor plant, it is stamped with serial plate number one. The largest model was the 190hp Eurotrac 1900 LS.


Incidentally, this is the second Fastrac project completed by Agravis. Early last year the German firm gave a 4220 an MB-Trac inspired paintwork. Agravis has now covered two iconic German four equal wheel brands. We wonder which tractor could be next for the striking makeover. County?

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