The transmission in the latest versions of the Fendt 1100 MT tracked tractors launched to the North American market is a CVT.

The four six-pot 15.2-litre MAN-powered 1100 Vario MT models comprise the 1151 (511hp), 1156 (564hp) and 1162 (618hp). Claimed as the most powerful tracked tractor on the market, the 16.2-litre engine in the flagship 1167 develops 673hp.

Other features include the MTS Smart Ride track system and a high-capacity, dual-circuit hydraulic system for up to 439lit/min of hydraulic oil flow. There are also more ballasting options and two new rear linkage systems; a steerable three-point hitch system and a hydraulically controlled swinging drawbar.

Suspension options include the standard, four-point cab suspension with rubber dampers and two-point cab suspension with integrated shock absorbers at the rear and two shock absorbers with rubber dampers on the front.

Other new options include Smart Ride Plus load levelling, which provides more ride comfort for both field work and road travel.

This hydraulic system integrates with the front suspension springs to adjust the tractor height, keeping the chassis level to maintain the correct angle between the tractor hitch and rear implements. It also keeps the tractor level when operating heavy front- or rear-mounted att

Fendt will preview a number of new products to the European market on YouTube tomorrow. We assume that the 1100 Vario MT, the first models of which are expected to be in North American fields early 2021, is one of them.