Poluzzi has supplied kits for John Deere 9560 and New Holland T9 articulated tractors, but the upgraded versions of the RX-9 fitted to a 445hp Axion 960 are not only the first conversion of a Claas tractor by the Italian manufacturer, but also the most powerful rigid frame tractor so far.

The larger diameter sprockets on the latest version of the RX-9 not only reduces the torque on the drive lugs, but also improves the top speed from 30km/hr to 40km/hr. Other updates include rubber coated rollers and idlers and a new structure for the front and rear main track frames.

Also, three roller undercarriages for the rear track units helps spread the weight of the 610mm front and 762mm rear tracks over a wider footprint of 1.01m² and 1.26m²/unit, respectively. The front track units each weigh 1.45t and the rear 2.0t.

The Axion is currently with Claas for the homologation process and is expected to be ready to work in northern Italy before the end of this year on cultivation and drill duty with Alpego equipment.

A full set of bolt-on RX-9s is expected to cost around €90,000-€95,000. Poluzzi is currently developing the same four track set up for a Massey Ferguson 8740S for a UK customer.

It has been a busy 2022 for the Italian company, which reckons to produce 100-120 rubber track sets a year.  At the start of this year it delivered one of the previous RX-9 kits to Finland for a Fendt 942, and the list of tractors equipped with the earlier version includes two for Belarus and a Case IH CVX340.

Rubber track conversion kits for combine harvesters are still the most popular, and the company recently supplied a set for a John Deere X9. However, interest for fitting them to self-propelled sprayers and tractors (100hp to 450hp) has increased during the last two years. This year, the company supplied sets for 10 tractors, the most popular from 110 to 250hp.

Poluzzi also supplies track units for a 12m Bednar drill and AVR Puma self-propelled potato harvester. The rear track system on the Goldoni Q100 tractor also come from Poluzzi, as do the track units for BKT.

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