Dieci will preview the Mini Agri-e electric telehandler at Agritechnica. The company will also have the Agri Farmer hybrid on the stand.

Starting with the Mini Agri-e 26.6 (2.6t/6.0m), the 19kW traction and 22kW hydraulic motors (max power output of 44kW), are said to provide the equivalent performance to a diesel-powered machine.

Electricity is supplied by a single lithium battery (second one optional). The company reckons that with two fully charged batteries the handler can work for a full day. There are three driving modes (standard, eco and power) and the top speed is 24km/hr.

In the cab, the new handler comes with a height adjustable steering wheel, sun visor and suspended seat. There is also a new 7” display, semi-automatic air-conditioning system and LED work lights on the cab and boom.

Agri Farmer hybrid

If you are not yet ready for a fully electric telehandler, but keen to embrace new diesel/electric technology then the Agri Farmer hybrid is interesting.

In developing the hybrid version of the Agri Farmer (we saw the prototype at the Italian EIMA show in November 2022) the aim was to reduce the size of the diesel engine but maintain the handler’s performance.

Dieci says that the modular format of the Hybrid Boost System means it can easily installed on other telehandlers in the future.

The solution the company will show at Agritechnica sees the Agri Farmer’s standard 107hp (79kW) engine (with SCR) kicked into touch for a 55kW Kubota hybrid block paired to a 10kW electric generator.

Known as the Hybrid Boost System, performance levels are said to be on par with the standard diesel block. An electronic control system optimises the transmission, hydraulics, and hybrid diesel engine to ensure maximum power is only called upon when necessary.

The on-board batteries are recharged when full power is not needed. This does away with the need for a charging station, and the company stresses that the machine can still work when the batteries run out of power.

At EIMA, Dieci said the plan was to test the Agri Farmer hybrid this year ahead of a possible commercial launch in 2024. We will have to wait and see if this plan is still on track, and it would be nice to know which of the four Agri Farmer models is used as the basis for the hybrid system.

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