Tobroco-Giant has added three telescopic wheeled loaders to the G2700 series. The first two are diesel powered, while the G2700E Tele is the first electric telescopic wheel loader from the Dutch manufacturer.

Like the existing G2700E, the G2700E Tele is equipped with two electric motors; a 7kW version to power the wheels (top speed 20km/hr), and a 12kW motor for the hydraulics (up to 40l/min).

The electric model comes standard with a 260Ah, maintenance free, Li-ion battery The on-board charger is said to take 3.5 hours to recharge the standard battery from 20% up to 80%. The external 300Ah fast charger takes just 50 minutes to boost the power of the optional 520Ah battery from 20% up to 80% (a 390Ah battery is also available).

Power to the two diesel powered models, the G2700 Tele HD and G2700 Tele HD+, comes from a 50hp Kubota diesel block.

The front section of the frame of all three newcomers is based on the G2700 X-Tra. Maximum lift height of all three models of 3.7m, is almost 50% higher than the X-Tra models.

The standard hydraulic pipework is concealed inside the boom, and the three models come standard with a mechanical double acting hydraulic service. The two diesel versions are available with two proportional double acting hydraulic services (single one on the G2700E Tele).

All three machines are expected to be available before the end of this year.

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