Flagship six-pot MAN engine

Engine manufacturer MAN will show a 16.2-litre six-cylinder Stage V version for forage harvesters and combines at Agritechnica in November.

by Steven Vale

13 Aug 2019

Called the D4276, it is the most powerful six-cylinder in-line engine ever developed by the company for agricultural applications.

Based on the design of the D3876 range (available since 2014), the new block bridges the gap between the current six-pot in-line 15.3-litre D3876 (565hp to 660hp) and D2862 (24.2-litre) V12 (800hp to 1110hp).

Outputs range from 604hp to 690hp (450 and 515kW), and the new six-pot block engine delivers its maximum torque of 3,280Nm at speeds as low as 1100rpm and maintains a constant torque up to 1500rpm.

The exhaust gas aftertreatment system comprises the two DOC/DPF modules, coupled with an SCR system, and with a dry weight of just 1.28t, the new block is claimed as one of the lightest in its displacement class.