Danish slurry equipment specialist Samson Agro reckons contractors continue to seek increased flexibility and the possibility to fit tankers with a wide range of rear implements. This is behind the launch of the Danish firm’s PG II 28 (28m³) slurry tanker. Replacing the existing PG II 27 (27m³), the new 35cm longer tank provides extra space for large slurry drip hose booms.

Other new features include the modified undercarriage, which allows more of the weight to be transferred to the drawbar and onto the tractor’s rear wheels – useful when driving up steep hills pulling heavy implements. Activated via the SlurryMaster 8000 joystick, the new front axle design provides a 50% increase in ground clearance.

At the rear of the tank, new linkage geometry helps to reduce the load on both the implement and the linkage. This modification will also be incorporated into the PG II 31 and PG II 35. In some markets, the PG II 28 is available with a HWD (Hydraulic Wheel Drive) option.