Flexible moves for latest Claas Disco

The new headstock arrangement on the Claas Disco 3200 Move front mowers provides the mower bed with up to 1.0m of travel (600mm up and 400mm down) independent from the tractor front linkage.

by Steven Vale

25 Jun 2018

The new headstock arrangement, combined with the low pivot from the current Profil range, ensures good contour following, says Claas, especially for larger tractors and at higher speeds. The mower unit is also able to pivot laterally from the central pivot point, allowing it to swing backwards to avoid obstacles.


The headstock includes the integrated Active Float hydraulic suspension as standard, the pressure of which can be adjusted using a single-acting hydraulic service. The Disco Move control mechanism can be incorporated into the control unit of large-scale triple mowers. The mower is then controlled centrally via the operating terminal, and the rear mower takes over the function of regulating Active Float.


The headstock can be coupled either directly to the tractor front linkage or using an A-Frame. The hydraulic connections are fitted as standard with Kennfixx couplings, which can run either to the left or right of the headstock. The gauge controlling the suspension pressure can also be mounted on either side.


The headstock comes with a handy adjustment guide, allowing you to set the front link arms quickly and easily at the right height from the tractor cab, and the drive shafts only need lubricating every 250 hours. The new mowers don’t need a park support. When the mower is uncoupled, a parking latch on the headstock locks the kinematics so that the mower can stand securely without additional support.


Optional kit includes a steel tine conditioner, foldable combined lights and warning panel, double wide angle mirrors to help with visibility when pulling out onto the road and hydraulically folding protective side covers.