Fliegl forces trailer steering electronically

Self- and forced-steering axles increase the driving comfort and reduce trailer axle and tyre wear, but all require a mechanical connection to the tractor. Fliegl’s SteerX electro-hydraulic steering system differs in that it uses a sensor on the trailer. There is no mechanical connection to the tractor.

by Steven Vale

4 Aug 2022

Available for many of the company’s tandem and tridem models, all that is required are load-sensing hydraulics and an ISObus connection on the tractor (an ISObus cable harness and display available for non-ISObus tractors).

Using information on the inclination and driving speed of the tractor, the sensor transmits the ideal calculated  steering angle to the steering cylinder. Claimed benefits include a wide drawbar steering angle, faster connection and reduced maintenance. The intelligent system is also said to significantly minimise lateral forces when cornering for reduced tyre wear and provides good driving stability even when travelling at faster speeds and unpredictable manoeuvres.

SteerX is available with extensive operating software with diagnostic and service functions.