Farmers seeking a high-quality spreader with compact dimensions take note; the body height remains at 1.13m for a low centre of gravity in the latest model in Joskin’s Tornado3 range, but the T5011/11V (11cum.) has a shorter body length before the door of just 5m. Other news from the Belgian company includes a Modulo2 14,000 tanker with equipment to quickly fill large sprayer tanks with water. Fitted with an active mixing system and a filling device that can reach to a height of 4.9m, the 4” diameter arm fills sprayer tanks in 3-4 minutes. Joskin says this is a lot quicker than the 15 to 30 minutes it normally takes without this installation. The result is a claimed 15 to 30% increase in self-propelled and trailed sprayer outputs. Sold in kit form, the equipment can be directly mounted to Modulo tankers fitted with a vacuum pump. Finally, Joskin has launched a new livestock trailer, which combines the advantages of the Betimax RDS/R versions. Known as the Betimax RDS-P, the new trailer is painted in green (instead of being galvanised), and fitted with grey rims and a chequered plate floor.