Designed to be more manoeuvrable on narrow country roads, HE-VA’s new 3m folding V-Profile front press splits hydraulically into two vertical sections which, at a 2.13m transport width, also simplifies turning into tight gateways.

Like the existing 3m rigid and larger folding models, the latest version is available with either a 600mm or 700mm castellated pressed steel V-profile ring. Available with spacing of 125mm (600mm rings) and 156mm (700mm rings), with a scraper between each ring, the press offers full width consolidation on light or heavy land. The rings turn individually but are linked by a series of lugs to ensure they all drive together, even in wet, sticky conditions, says Opico.

Adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat, the optional shattaboard allows the machine to level, crush and consolidate in one pass ahead of a drill. Prices start from £5,097 for the 600mm version and £5,978 for the 700mm version.