Supplied with seed from a new front hopper, the folding 4.0m and 5.0m Aerosem pneumatic drills sit on top of the Austrian company’s Lion power harrows.

The coulter bar locking system allows the two Aerosem FDD drills (4.0m 4002 and 5.0m 5002) to be fitted and removed in just a few minutes, is the claim, and the compact design of the folding coulter bar and short headstock brings the centre of gravity close to the tractor.

Mounted on the coulter bar, the seed distribution head, which has a patented system to keep it vertical, can be fitted with the IDS (Individually Controllable Outlets) option. The fully-equipped version allows tramline and tyre width adjustments to be made directly from the control terminal.

Both drills are fitted with DualDisc double disc coulters. Offset at 30cm, coulter pressure can be adjusted mechanically (hydraulic option) from a central point and seed placement depth is set from the side of the machine.

Available with capacities of 1,700 litres and 2,300 litres, the new front hoppers are fitted with an airtight cover, service platform and single metering unit. The optional Single Shoot dual metering unit allows fertiliser to be placed into the seed slot.

The transport width of both drills is 2.55m.