The Oryx, a new self-propelled four-row machine from the French manufacturer, is available as the 4.75 (4x75cm rows) and 4.90 (4x90cm rows). The first machine is currently running in Belgium.

Succeeding the previous four-row PAP, the 510hp Stage V six-pot 12.7-litre Volvo block in the Oryx works at a fuel saving 1200-1300rpm. The rear-mounted position helps to reduce noise levels inside the Claas sourced cab where the operator is provided with views from up to 12 different cameras, and the armrest is equipped with the new Claas Cmotion joystick.

The wider topper linkage is said to provide good stability, and the four press wheels on the digging unit are said to improve tracking and crop flow onto the first web. With an empty weight of around 26.0t, bunker capacity is up from 15.0m³ on the PAP to 16.5m³ (approx. 10.0t).

Fuel tank capacity is 900 litres, and the AdBlue tank holds 80 litres. Both tanks are located near the cab for easy access. Standing 4.05m tall, width is 3.49m (4x75cm rows) and 3.80m (4x90cm rows). Maximum speed on the road is 25km/hr and the tyres are 300/95 R52 (front) and 1050/50 R32 (rear).

Founded in 1927, and based at Villers-au-Flos, near Arras, in the north of the country, Pouchain also makes chicory and endive harvesters and irrigation hose reels. It has importers in place in Belgium, Spain, Swiss and the Netherlands, and is keen to have a presence in the UK.