FPS 18: European Tribine in the pipeline

We are told not to get too excited because it could be several years before a prototype is in the field for testing, but a European version of the US-made Tribine combine harvester is on the drawing board.

by Steven Vale

4 Oct 2018

Called the Tribine Euro T600, it will share much of the design with the current Kansas-built machine for the North American market, with the grain tank located behind the articulation point.

The main difference will be the more compact dimensions to satisfy European road transport regulations, a smaller grain tank and a bit less engine power. There will be a rubber track option.

The first commercially-available full-size T1000 Tribines for the North American market were brought to the Farm Progress Show. We spent a day in the field with one of them and took a closer look at the technology to see how it works. There’s a full report in the latest issue.