FPS 18: Nuhn quad train slurry tanker

Canadian vacuum slurry tanker maker Nuhn Industries is hopeful of bringing a machine to the UK at some point, but for now the closest you will find one of its Magnum slurry quad trains is in Russia and China.

by Steven Vale

2 Oct 2018

The four-axle technique sees two slurry tankers joined together, which in the case of the new Magnum 1200 (1200 US gallons) baby in the range brought to the Farm Progress Show has a capacity of nearly 45,000 litres (2 x 22,710 litres).

Connected by a patented coupling and steering system, the dual tank is designed to increase the capacity while spreading the load over a larger footprint, and the eight tyres are all the size 900/60R32.

The company says that the tandem spreader not only handles more easily than a single large tanker (second tank follows the first tank’s tracks while turning) but is also easier to reverse. Interestingly, the company developed a triple tanker a few years back (3 x 4,250 litres) but found this to be just a bit too difficult to reverse.

The Canadian firm offers the Magnum in a range of capacities up to 64,345 litres. Magnum 1200 prices start from around US$140,000-$150,000.