FPT engine in Ukrainian-made artic tractor

It's unlikely to be heading to the UK anytime soon but the latest articulated tractor from Ukrainian manufacturer Kharkiv Tractor Plant (XTZ) is the first to take its power from an FPT engine.

by Steven Vale

24 Oct 2018

The 6.7-litre six-pot 240hp Stage III block in the XTZ-248K uses 10 to 15% less fuel than the previous YaMZ engine. Other updates include the new engine hood and the 12/4 transmission has also been upgraded for smoother shifting. There is also a new control layout in the quieter cab, which now provides operators with air conditioning and an adjustable seat and steering column.

It continues to take its power from a 190hp YaMZ engine, but the XTZ-181 tracked tractor has also been updated, and like the articulated tractor supports new exterior styling. Other updates include a new six-point track suspension system and the hydraulic flow has been increased to 130lit/min.

The company hopes that the updates will stimulate sales of both tractors to the domestic market, where customers can currently register for a government incentive program that covers 25% to 40% of the purchase price.

Founded in 1930, the Kharkiv plant has produced more than three million tractors and other specialised heavy equipment.