FREE Corona virus sign for printing

Hygiene and social distancing are key to controlling the Corona virus. To help you stay safe profi has designed this simple and informative poster you can print off and stick in the window of any machine. Just click on the pdf file on this page under FREE DOWNLOADS.

by Profi Team

23 Mar 2020

The Covid 19 virus continues to spread, which means we need to do more such as avoiding close personal contact as much as possible. If opening doors or touching surfaces which you know have been touched by other people, try to use your non-dominant hand as you are less likely to touch your face with it.

Remember to wipe down door handles and controls with a disinfectant daily. Try to stick with a dedicated operator for machines.

Do not solely rely on gloves unless they are being changed frequently as they can carry the virus. It has been advised that you are better to wash your hands or use sanitiser.

Stay safe and stay healthy

The profi international team.