French slurry equipment maker Pichon in receivership

Despite increasing sales during the past two years, French slurry tanker and muck spreader manufacturer Pichon has gone into receivership and Gilibert Industries, which was acquired by Pichon in 2015, has been liquidated.

by Steven Vale

21 Nov 2018

Pichon blames the current financial difficulties on two recent investments; the opening of a brand new 22,000m² factory in Landivisiau, Finistère, and the acquisition of French trailer and muck spreader maker Gilibert in 2015.

Pichon has sold farm machinery since 1970 and celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2015. Number one in France for slurry tankers, it started making and selling muck spreaders in 2011. In 2018, the company passed the manufacturing of its compact loaders to fellow French company Mecalac but retained the exclusivity to sell them to the agricultural market.

The company says it is doing all it can to ensure the continuity of the Pichon name. The challenge for the next six months is to keep the factory running while the official administrator seeks a buyer.