Front mounted discs for hard soils

Initially developed for a customer to run in front of a 4.0m folding cultivator to chop and cut directly into baked ploughed land, the front mounted disc cultivator has joined Agriweld’s expanded range of cultivation equipment.

by Steven Vale

28 Apr 2021

Two depth wheels to aid stability and the 32x510mm diameter concaved discs (on a 4.0m machine) are said to make light work of clods and clumps. Disc units are protected by rubber suspension and have a scraper to clean the inner wall of the disc, and driving each pair of discs together reduces the possibility of an individual disc stalling.

The unit can also be using independently, or in front of the company’s Min-Dis minimum disturbance sub-soiler to create a fine tilth to encourage chitting.

Available in widths from 4.0-6.0m, the front mounted disc cultivator is one of a number of new machines Agriweld plans to display at this year’s Cereals Event. Others include the recently-launched 6.0m rear assist LD toolbar, on which the spacing between the legs/discs can be quickly adjusted from 500mm centres for cereals to 750mm in maize.