Fuel saving telehandler gearbox

Described as an advanced powersplit transmission, Dana’s Spicer HVT1 is claimed to offer diesel savings of up to 30% when compared with a conventional box.

by Steven Vale

16 Jul 2021

Currently undergoing field tests with several OEMs, the new concept combines hydrostatic and mechanical drives in an integrated 90-degree gearbox.

An advanced electronic control system continually adjusts the mix of hydrostatic and mechanical power, allowing the engine to maintain a consistent speed in its most efficient operating range.

Supporting power inputs from 110 to 155hp (80 to 115kW), Dana says the new tranny will help next-generation telehandlers achieve new levels of productivity, performance, control, refinement, fuel efficiency, ease of use and operator comfort.

Other claimed benefits include good climbing and high-speed towing capabilities (up to 50km/hr), smoother shifting, lower machine vibration and reduced noise.

Fitting within current telehandler design envelopes, Dana says the HVT1 provides OEMs with the option to specify a downsized engine that achieves the same performance as a conventional transmission, or use the same size engine in a powertrain that supplies significantly improved performance.