Case IH’s Steiger 620, the wheeled equivalent of the Quadtrac 620, has set new records for drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower and maximum pull in US tests at the University of Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL).

Outperforming all other tractors tested at the facility, in addition to the highest horsepower figure ever recorded at the NTTL of 594.08hp, the 620’s ability to efficiently transfer power to the ground was highlighted by the maximum drawbar fuel efficiency figures of 242g/kWh, and 257g/kWh at 75% of maximum pull power. Putting it another way, at maximum drawbar fuel efficiency the 620’s FPT engine consumed a gallon of diesel (66.73l) an hour per 17.63hp, and 16.61 gallons (62.87l) an hour at 75% of maximum pull power.

Known around the globe, the NTTL is the officially designated tractor testing station for the United States, routinely tests tractors and compares the results to the manufacturers’ own performance claims.