Vredestein has added another 15 sizes to its Traxion 65 tractor tyre series. Bringing the total to 19, it now spans the complete range from 16 to 42 inches.

Launched at the Agritechnica 2019, the Traxion 65 series, which succeeds the Traxion+, was redesigned using the latest technologies developed for the Traxion Optimall VF.

This includes curved lugs, which the company reckons not only provide a longer lifespan and increased driver comfort, but also increased traction, and the large contact area in the centre of the tread reduces internal and external noise levels.

The new lug design (distance between the lugs widens at the side of the tyre) is said to provide good self-cleaning properties, especially on heavy soils.

Ranging from the 320/65R16 to 650/65R42, all 19 sizes are available for the aftermarket and various tractor brands are offering them factory fitted.