It is easy to miss but the prototype of a petrol/gas-powered version of the Dutch-made Giant V6004T telescopic wheeled loader is on display at the Danish Agromek farm machinery show. Powered by a 4cyl 60hp turbocharged Kubota engine, the BI-FUEL vehicle can be changed at the flick of a switch between petrol and gas. The Dutch manufacturer reckons expensive high-tech technology is required to ensure diesel-powered machines meet Stage IV engine emission regulations. Tobroco’s hybrid technique has a particulates filter but requires no AdBlue, which says the company, provides a cheap and reliable solution to satisfy engine emissions. The prototype will be trucked back to the Netherlands when the Danish show ends today for performance tests, and to find out how long the machine can operate with a 30-litre gas bottle. There are no price and availability details, but the Dutch firm is already planning to offer the technology as an option on other models. When the V6004T BI-FUEL does go on sale then the gas bottle, which currently impedes operator rear-view visibility, will almost certainly be moved to a new position. Giant machines (skid steer and wheeled loaders, telescopic wheeled loaders and telehandlers) are popular in Denmark and Holst Sørensen, which was Tobroco’s first dealer outside of the Netherlands, reckons to have sold over two thousand machines during the past 14 years.