Giant replaces best seller

Tobroco Giant is introducing the G2700, which is set to replace what has become one of its best-selling models, the V452T.

by Steven Vale

12 May 2020

The newcomer will be available in four different specs; HD, X-Trac HD, HD+ and X-Trac HD+. All four are powered by a 50hp, three-cylinder Kubota motor which is hardly a surprise as the Dutch machinery maker has been supplying the Japanese manufacturer with loaders which Kubota sells under its own brand.

The engine is equipped with a DOC and DPF to meet Stage IV exhaust emissions. All four versions of the G2700 also share a hydrostatic four-wheel drive system.

The key distinction between the G2700 (X-Tra) HD and G2700 (X-Tra) HD+ are the used of different planetary axles. Those in the HD are 8t rated with limited slip and provide a pulling force of 20,000N and a top speed of 25km/hr. The HD+ benefits from 12t axles with electrically engaged diff-locks on both axles, with a pulling force of 28,000N and is slightly faster at 30km/hr.

Operating weight for the HD  models is 2,550kg and the standard boom has a maximum lift height of 2.96m with a tipping load of 2,375kg whereas the X-Trac has a lift height 2.5m but a higher tipping load of 2,850kg.

The G2700 (X-Tra) HD+ models operating weight is 2,600kg. Tipping load is 2,400kg for the HD+ and 2,900kg for the X-Tra HD+.

Standard on the G2700 is a ROPS/FOPS frame, double-acting hydraulic function on the lift ram. The option list includes a cabs, extra-proportional hydraulic functions, electrically switchable tandem pump and road homologation.