Global tractor market tops two million

More than 2.1 million new tractors were sold around the world last year, an increase of 13% over 2016’s 1.9 million units.

by Steven Vale

6 Jul 2018

According to Agrievolution data, the numbers increased by 16% in both India and China, which between them took in excess of one million units (India 600,000 and China 490,000). The US market increased by 4% to 220,000, while the European market was up by around 13% to 190,000 units.

The increase is due mainly to rising arable incomes following last year’s bumper harvests in many areas of the world, such as China, Mexico, Canada, Russia and the EU. Livestock farmers also had a better year. The Mother Regulations are believed to have played a role in the EU, where special deals were available on any remaining stock ahead of the introduction of the new standards.