Good start for US tractor market

The 12,580 new tractors registered in North America in January is a 4.7% increase on the numbers for the same month a year ago.

by Steven Vale

20 Feb 2020

Data just published by the North American Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) confirms that the largest increase was for tractors in excess of 100hp. The 1,361 units registered was nearly 20% higher (223 tractors) than in January 2019, but sales of new articulated tractors fell by 6.6% to 169 units.

The biggest tractor market in North America is for compacts below 40hp, the numbers of which rose by 2.6% in January to 7,446 units, and the market from 40hp-100hp was up by 4.6% to just over 3,600 units. The news was not so good for combines, volumes down by nearly 25% to 198 in January.

Sales of new tractors increased by 3.6% to nearly 245,000 units in North America last year and the country’s agricultural machinery industry grew by 3.2% to US$15.6 billion.

Despite the positive start to 2020 the expectations for the rest of the year are not so rosy. The AEM predicts a slight drop in new tractor and combine sales followed by a more positive trend from 2021.