In its first ever foray down the crop establishment path, Grange Machinery unveiled its new Tine-Drill Toolbar at Cereals. Slightly more than the toolbar that the name suggests, it’s a complete drilling rig all bar the inclusion of a seed hopper – the Yorkshire-based company leaves customers to select their preferred choice of front tank.

At the business end four rows of staggered Bourgault twin-outlet wing-point openers are responsible for placing both seed and fertiliser in the ground at 250mm point-to-point spacings. Rows two and three are divided by a gap in the toolbar frame – a deliberate part of the design to provide a ‘resting’ area to allow trash to settle and pass through the final two rows of coulters.

On folding variants these are carried on centrally-pivoting wing sections which, although fixed rigidly when unfolded can swivel five degrees left to right for faithful contour-following. Pneumatic gauge wheels on either end of each frame section help with this as well as providing depth control.

Two rows of following harrow tines follow this and finally there’s the option of a high-level toolbar to host outlets from a granule/pellet applicator.

Pairs of distribution heads mounted on the central frame can be fitted with blockage sensors and can be configured to different preferences – grain and fert, section control or individual coulter shut-off, etc…

Primarily designed as a no-till seeding rig, the Tine-Drill Toolbar is available in 3.0m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5m and 6.0m working widths. The largest of these requires a minimum of 250hp up front and costs £50,000 when fitted with a Stocks TurboJet applicator and twin distribution heads.

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