Based on the front/rear combo launched a couple of years ago, McHale’s butterfly triple mower conditioner put in its first public working appearance at Grassland & Muck. The B9000 triple pairs two R3100 rear mowers with a F3100 front to give an overall working width of 8.56m, and for moving between sites it folds to 2.90m. Cutting technology is standard McHale fare — Pro Glide cutterbar, two blades per disc and the blades are quick-change — while bed protection takes two forms: first, the rear beds can move back and up if they encounter a small obstacle; and, if they hit anything larger, the main break-back comes into play. The conditioner is of the steel tine type. Power requirement for the B9000 triple is reckoned to be 250hp, and the price is about £47,000 (£34,000 for the two rear mowers, £13,000 for the front).